TikTok video ends 11-year search for missing husband

A Phu Tho woman who chanced upon a TikTok video of a homeless man realized that it was her husband who’d been missing for 11 years.

Vietnamese social media was abuzz Tuesday over a post by Nguyen Anh Tuyet, who had previously posted a TikTok video of a homeless man who usually passed by her house in the northern province of Tuyen Quang.

Tuyet wrote that a woman in Phu Tho’s Thanh Son District had contacted her saying the homeless man, 45, in the video was her husband. She asked Tuyet to find out if the man had a tattoo on his chest.

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Tuyet’s Facebook post with photos of the man, his portrait when he was young, and her conversation with the wife. Photo courtesy of Nguyen Anh Tuyet.

“If you see this man, please let me know, I will go there immediately and call his family. I hope he is actually the missing man, so he can reunite with his loved ones,” Tuyet wrote on her Facebook, with a lot of photographs of the man sent by his 51-year-old-wife.

“If it is him, I am so lucky. Please help me, I have been looking for him a lot, but failed. This man looks so similar to him,” the wife texted Tuyet.

Several hours later, Tuyet posted a live video on her Facebook page, showing that the man did indeed have a tattoo on his chest. The wife immediately traveled to Tuyen Quang and confirmed it was her husband who’d left her 11 years ago, when their daughter was just two years old.

He suffered from health problems, the wife said, adding that she and her family had spent years looking for him in vain, having no clue where he was.

The man has been taken to Phu Tho, where his bonafides will be checked and confirmed by local authorities, Tuyet said in her Facebook post.

The story has moved netizens, some of whom have called it a miracle. They have praised Tuyet for helping the wife find her husband. Others have been touched by the fact that the wife was still looking for her husband more than a decade after he’d gone missing.

“As if they were never apart, she said it has been 11 years,” Tuyet said in a live-streamed video, which has garnered nearly 5,000 likes on Facebook.